Dr Georgina Sinclair

Associate Fellow


Dr Georgina Sinclair is a senior advisor in policing and law enforcement and has provided consulting services to policing organisations, UK government and the European Union. She has provided strategy and policy development, Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning (MERL), and the development and delivery of senior command programmes for police deploying on international missions. Most recently Georgina has led the evaluation of policing and military programmes in the Middle East.

Since 2015 Georgina has supported MERL capacity building programmes for Police Scotland and the Australian Federal Police as well as strategic reviews for the Joint Internal Policing Hub (Stabilisation Unit). Georgina has a particular interest in MERL within policing missions in Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS), and has supported the Joint International Policing Hub (JIPH) and the National Police Chiefs Council in relation to UK policing and international policing assistance. She has generated a network of police and gendarmerie partners across the EU on the dedicated theme of ‘Policing with Communities in FCAS: Mission Challenges, Lessons Learned and Guiding Principles’, which resulted in the publication of a collected edition of practitioner-led essays in 2018 and dedicated workshops.

Prior to 2014, Georgina held academic posts at the Universities of Reading, Leeds and the Open University. She has published extensively since 1999 on colonial policing, the internationalisation of UK policing post 1945, policing and capacity building within FCAS and police-military cooperation. Her third book entitled ‘UK Police and the International Agenda: the emergence of the UK Policing Brand’ will be published by Oxford University Press in the Clarendon Series in criminology in 2020.

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