Christopher Samuel

Associate Fellow

Christopher Samuel is an Independent Consultant interested in UK National Security & Resilience, Defence, Cyber, Multi Agency Interoperability, Public Communications, Maritime and Training issues.

He is an Associate Fellow at RUSI attached the National Security & Resilience Department.

Christopher has served in the Royal Navy as an Executive Officer in the seaman branch and specialised in Communications & Electronic Warfare. He commanded, circumnavigated the globe using a sextant and held senior staff appointments.

Moving into the Defence Industry he worked in several companies in Business Development, Marketing, Market Intelligence and Customer Relations roles.                                                

For the last 6 years he has been promoting the linkages between all the Civil Emergency Services and the Defence/ Diplomatic capability while watching their activities converge in the face of ever larger incidents. He is a strong advocate of more 'General Public' involvement as reserves for the professionals.

He has involvement with the Ministry of Defence and Other Government departments, and is active with all the Defence Trade Associations, chairing both Maritime and Homeland Security councils.