Michael Rance

Associate Fellow

Dr Rance is an independent consultant specialising in ballistic missile defence, weapons systems and international defence co-operation, providing advice and undertaking studies. 

He is a specialist adviser on BMD to the UK House of Commons Defence Committee, and an Associate Fellow of RUSI.  

In December 2000 he left the Ministry of Defence, where from 1995 he was head of the Directorate of Science (BMD), responsible for the US/UK technical relationship on BMD and for providing technical advice to the MoD on missile defence. 

From 1991-95 he was counsellor for defence science & equipment at the British Embassy in Washington, dealing with the defence science and technology relationship between the US and UK. 

His background is in weapons systems research (at RAE Farnborough) and weapon system procurement (in the Procurement Executive), specialising in strategic systems, including on the UK’s Chevaline programme, stand-off weapons, air defence and anti-armour systems. 

His BSc was from Manchester University in Physics and his PhD from Imperial College in Electrical Engineering.