Turi Munthe

Associate Fellow

Turi Munthe is Associate Fellow of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the Royal United Services Institute.

Before joining RUSI, he founded and was Editor-in-Chief of the Beirut Review of Books. He has written for The Economist, the Telegraph, the Spectator, the Nation (US) amongst many others, and has appeared as a commentator for the BBC, CNN, ITV, al-Jazeera, Asahi, CBC, NBC, Reuters, BBC Radio 4 and Radio Free Europe as well as for the written press in both the UK and US.

He has lived in Syria and Israel, and has travelled extensively in the region. In 2002, he published the best-selling Saddam Hussein Reader ('a brilliant selection', Library Journal). He studied Arabic and Modern History at St. John’s College, Oxford, Hebrew at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was a Graduate Fellow in the School of Religious Studies at New York University. Turi speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.