Simon Lunn

Associate Fellow

Simon Lunn is an Associate Fellow of RUSI, and was secretary general of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly from May 1997 until December 2007.

Prior to this, he spent eight years as deputy secretary general, during which time he initiated and directed the Assembly’s outreach programme of seminars and training programmes for the parliaments of Central and Eastern Europe (the Rose-Roth initiative).

He has also served at numerous posts within NATO, including director of the Political and Military Committees and headed the Policy and Plans section of the International Staff.

Simon has written extensively on NATO and nuclear issues, completing a book entitled Burden Sharing in NATO (Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1983); and papers such as: ‘NATO’s  1979 Dual Track Decision on Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF)’ (Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1982); ‘Nuclear Weapons in Europe’ (report for the North Atlantic Assembly, 1982); and ‘The Modernisation of NATO’s Long-Range Theatre Nuclear Forces’ (report prepared for the United States Congress, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1980).

He currently serves on the advisory boards of the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, the Brussels-based Security and Defence Agenda, and the World Nuclear Association in London.

He has a B.A. (Hons.) in History from the University of Wales and an M.A. in War Studies from the Deptartment of War Studies, Kings College, University of London where he also did research from 1971-73 and was research assistant to Professor Lawrence Martin.

Between 1960-62 he was an officer cadet at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and served for three years as a subaltern in the 14th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery.