Dr James Khalil

Associate Fellow


Dr James Khalil is an independent countering violent extremism, deradicalisation and disengagement specialist. Over recent years he has provided research and monitoring and evaluation expertise to such programmes funded by the EU, UK, US, UN and Sweden in locations such as Kenya, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria.

Since March 2015, he has been responsible for the research and monitoring and evaluation of a rehabilitation programme in Mogadishu for former members of al-Shabaab. He also led an evaluation of USAID/OTI programming in Mali and acted as a senior expert for RUSI’s STRIVE programme in the Horn of Africa.

He previously worked as a UK Ministry of Defence analyst, where he was responsible for numerous research projects relating to the dynamics of civil war. During this period, he also deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, where he led coalition force campaign effects assessment, respectively in Basra and Kandahar.

He holds a doctorate degree from the University of Leeds, through which he focused on the relationship between Maoist insurgents and the local population in remote parts of Nepal. Through his various roles he has interviewed approximately two-hundred terrorists and insurgents.

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