Dr Randolph Kent

Senior Associate Fellow


Dr Randolph Kent is a Senior Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, as well as a Visiting Professor at the African Leadership Centre at King’s College, London.

Prior to those appointments, he directed the Humanitarian Futures Programme at Kings College, London, where he and his staff worked from 2004 to 2016 with a wide range of multilateral, bilateral and non-governmental organisations to strengthen their strategic and planning capacities for dealing with longer-term disaster threats.

Dr Kent accepted his post at King’s College, London, after completing his assignment as UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia in April 2003. Prior to his assignment in Somalia, he served as UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Kosovo [1999], UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Rwanda [1994-1995], Chief of the UN Emergency Unit in Sudan [1989-1991] and Chief of Emergency Prevention and Preparedness in Ethiopia [1987-1989].

Since leaving the United Nations, much of Dr Kent’s attention has been focused on projects dealing with organisational and systems behavior. These interests have led to appointments on a range of governmental and non-governmental committees in Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. In the private sector, he most recently served on the policy committees of DHL Deutsche Post Sustainability Advisory Council and Deloitte’s Humanitarian Innovation Panel.

Dr Kent is presently writing a book – Planning from the Future: Humanitarian Action in a Transformative Age - intended to guide governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations on ways to address new types and ever more complex disaster threats.

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