Adrian Johnson

Director of Publications/Research Fellow

Adrian Johnson is Director of Publications at RUSI and also a Research Fellow focusing on UN peace operations. As head of Publications, he is responsible for the intellectual rigour and editorial quality control of RUSI's printed output, including its periodicals and printed reports, as well as design, layout and illustration. Adrian is also the Chairman of the RUSI Editorial Board.

His research focuses on peacekeeping operations and war-to-peace transitions. His work includes reports delivered to government clients, as well as publications on the UK’s potential as a troop contributor to UN operations.

In November 2014, he completed a month-long fellowship at the National Institute for Defense Studies in Tokyo, Japan.

Adrian edited the first book-length, multi-author analysis of the UK’s military operations since the end of the Cold War, published in 2014 as Wars in Peace and which received major UK press coverage. He is also a co-author of DECADE, a photographic history of the 2000s published by Phaidon Press (2010).

Adrian joined RUSI in 2007 after completing an MA with Distinction in the Department of War Studies, King's College, London. He previously graduated with first-class honours from the University of Edinburgh, including a year abroad at Queen's University, Ontario.

He also holds a certificate in mediating violent conflict from the United States Institute of Peace.