Irina Isakova

Associate Fellow

Dr. Irina Isakova (MA, Moscow State University; PhD Institute of the USA and Canada Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences) is an Associate Fellow at RUSI, IISS, a member of Chatham House and a Salzburg Seminar Alumni.

She previously served as a Specialist Adviser on Russia and the FSU to the House of Commons Defence Committee (2000-05) and as a foreign policy expert on the Foreign Affairs Committee, Federation Assembly, Russian Parliament; held posts as Senior Library Clerk at the International Affairs and Defence Section, House of Commons Library; Research Fellow at King's College, London (where she held Defence Diplomacy (1999-2001) and EAPC-NATO (1998-2000) Fellowships); Research Associate at the IISS, London (1995-7) and Head of Section at the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies, Moscow. She was a Guest Scholar at the Brookings Institute (Wash., DC) and LSE, London; served.

Among her most recent publications are Russian Defence Reform: Current Trends (Strategic Studies Institute, US Army War College, November 2006); Russia and the West: energy security (Survival, the IISS Quarterly, Vo. 48, N 2, Summer 2006); Russia in the Twenty-First Century: Geo-strategy, Geopolitics and Governance (Frank Cass: London & New York, 2005); ESDP after the EU Constitution (RUSI Journal, February 2005) and Regionalization of Security in Russia (RUSI Whitehall Paper, 2001).

Areas of expertise: Russia; the CIS and Baltic States; NATO and EU enlargement; US foreign policy, European and regional security issues; energy policy (Russia/Eurasia) and security.