Clive Hodges

Associate Fellow

Clive Hodges was a career infantry officer until his retirement from the army in June 2009. His final appointment was as the Defence and Military Attaché in Ankara - a position he held for four years. Since his retirement he has been working as the CEO of Rescue and Preparedness In Disasters (RAPID-UK), an international search and rescue charity based in Gloucester. 

In 1997, having completed his tour commanding 1st Battalion The King's Regiment, he was posted to Headquarters Northern Ireland, where he represented the GOC in the Northern Ireland Office. It was during this tour that he was fortunate enough to witness the final negotiations leading up to the Good Friday Agreement, and which stimulated his interest in civil-military relations.

His subsequent tours in the US, where he was involved in the US Army's force development research and with the US army in Europe, gave him the opportunity to broaden his research.

His particular interest in Turkey and the Turkish armed forces stems from his time as a student at the Army Staff College, where he was the sponsor of the Turkish student on the 1986 course. He was thereby able to privately visit the Turkish army and observe first-hand the commitment expected of Turkish officers, and their view of their place in society.

The dominant theme throughout his tour of duty in Ankara was how the unique civil-military relationship that exists in Turkey would develop and what impact Turkey's EU accession would have on the relationship.

Since his retirement from the army he has maintained his research, focused on his areas of particular interest - civil-military relations in general and the place of the Turkish armed forces and the Turkish general staff in Turkey.