Martin Hewitt

Associate Fellow

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Hewitt began his policing career with Kent Police in 1993, prior to which he completed seven years military service as a commissioned officer in the army. He has worked in a number of uniformed and detective posts; however he has specialist experience in investigation and intelligence both within the counter-terrorist and crime arenas.

DAC Hewitt transferred to the Metropolitan Police Service in 2005, where he set up the Met Intelligence Bureau (MIB) and became its first OCU commander. In 2008, he became commander responsible for tackling organised crime in the MPS. Additionally, whilst in this post he undertook a number of other responsibilities, the most notable of which were the MPS lead for Gun Crime, the lead MPS representative for the new National Crime Agency Programme, and the ACPO lead for Kidnap and Extortion.

At the beginning of 2012, he was promoted to DAC Crime Operations within the newly formed Specialist Crime and Operations (SC&O) Business Group. His area of responsibility includes gangs and organised crime, armed policing, homicide, child abuse, rape, specialist crime prevention, PNC and Vetting Bureau, and strategic change. 

In March 2012, DAC Hewitt became the ACPO lead for adult sexual offences.