Chris Goodenough

Senior Project Officer Terrorism and Conflict


Chris is a Senior Project Officer for the Terrorism & Conflict, Organised Crime & Policing, and Cyber Security research programmes at the Royal United Services Institute.

Prior to joining RUSI, Chris worked as a Project Assistant & Researcher on a number of special projects organised in conjunction with the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, with topics including Russian geopolitics in the post-Cold War era, extremism and radicalisation, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and the European Migration Crisis. In 2017, he organised a conference at the House of Commons which brought together three key signatories of the Belavezha Accords to discuss the treaty which formally dissolved the Soviet Union.

Chris holds a BA (Honours) degree in Politics & International Studies from the University of Exeter and completed a year-long student exchange programme at the University College Utrecht in the Netherlands. His interests include faith, extremism and radicalisation, national identity and globalisation, conflict resolution and South Asian politics.

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