M J Gohel

Associate Fellow

M.J. Gohel, is currently CEO of the Asia-Pacific Foundation (APF) an international intelligence think-tank based in London. He was appointed to that position in 1999 and has since been at the forefront of research and analysis concerning global security and terrorism issues.

M.J. has been investigating the profiles and nature of terrorist individuals and trans-national groups throughout the world. His primary focus is on the regional and wider situations in South-East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Western Europe.

M.J. is currently working on what he has described as "The Global Jihad Movement" showing the links of the various terrorist groups throughout the world and their common agenda. He is also researching the growing security threats that Europe faces.

In addition to research, M.J. is consulted by various governments, security agencies and international organisations. He also regular speaks at international conferences. On May 4th 2004, MJ was asked to appear at the UK Foreign Affairs Committee at the House of Commons and give evidence on foreign policy aspects of the war against terrorism.

M.J. is also a regular analyst to the international media and makes frequent contributions to academic journals in the UK, Western Europe and the US. He is also co-author of the APF Analyses and writes regularly for the various RUSI publications.

In addition to being an Associate Fellow with RUSI, M.J. is part of the University of Paris (II) International Scientific Advisory Board. Furthermore, M.J. is on the United Nations ‘Roster of Experts’ at its Terrorism Prevention Branch.