Paul Cornish

Senior Associate Fellow

Professor Paul Cornish is Associate Director, Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre, University of Oxford, and Professorial Fellow, National Security College, Australian National University. Until December 2014 he was professor of strategic studies at the University of Exeter and formerly the inaugural Carrington Professor of International Security at Chatham House.

Paul was educated at the University of St. Andrews and the London School of Economics. He then served in the British Army (Royal Tank Regiment) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office before completing his Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge. He has taught international security and strategy at the UK Defence Academy, the University of Cambridge and the University of Bath.

His work covers national strategy, cyber security, the ethics of armed conflict, civil-military relations and other aspects of contemporary international security. While at Chatham House he developed and led the institute's highly successful cyber security policy research programme. He is a member of the UK Chief of the Defence Staff's Strategic Advisory Panel, a Fellow of Oxford University's Global Cyber Security Capacity-Building Centre and a Senior Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Paul has travelled widely, including field work in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, has contributed to a number of Parliamentary inquiries and is a frequent commentator in national and international media.

020 7747 2600