Knox Chitiyo

Associate Fellow

Dr Knox Chitiyo is a Zimbabwean researcher. He was the first RUSI Nelson Mandela Visiting Africa Fellow and headed the RUSI Africa Programme, an initiative generously supported by the Brenthurst Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Knox completed his B.A (English and History) and M.A (War Studies) and D.Phil (Military History) at the University of Zimbabwe. Knox  was a Senior Lecturer in War Studies in the History Department at the University of Zimbabwe from 1994–2003. He was also the Deputy Director (and co-founder) of the Centre for Defence Studies during the same period, and edited the Journal of African Security and Conflict.

Currently based in the United Kingdom, Knox has since published in journals which examine Zimbabwean, southern African and broader African defence and security/developmental issues. He is also a regular contributor to the Guardian newspaper and is an African Affairs commentator on the BBC, Al-Jazeera and other international news media.  

Knox has contributed chapters in books such as Evolutions and Revolutions: A History of the SADC Militaries [edited by M Rupiya, Pretoria, ISS, 2005]; and “Unfinished Business:The Land Crisis in Southern Africa" [eds M Lee and K J Colvard, Pretoria, Africa Institute, 2003]. Knox,  who is also the founder/editor of the Southern African Diaspora Review journal, is particularly interested in the armed/security forces of southern Africa [particularly Zimbabwe] and how they intersect with issues of development, and political transitions. Knox is also trying to develop African Diaspora studies, and is very keen that African diaspora communities can, and should,  play a positive role in Africa's post-conflict reconstruction.