Alastair Cameron

Associate Fellow

As Head of the European Security Programme, Alastair Cameron was responsible for leading research projects, private discussion meetings and public conferences on all aspects of European Security and Defence. His main research interests relate to the development of European military capabilities, the EU's European Security and Defence Policy, NATO transformation and NATO-EU relations, as well as international defence partnerships and military operations.

Monitoring the national foreign and security policies of European countries; their bilateral relationships with the United Kingdom; and European relations with neighbouring regions such as the CIS states, the Caucasus/Black Sea regions, the Maghreb and the Mediterranean - Alastair's work regularly involves working closely with the international diplomatic community, as well as engaging with foreign and defence ministries on specific policy and research areas.

Prior to joining RUSI in 2007, Alastair worked as a Defence Consultant and between 2004 and 2006, spent two years working as Armed Forces Editor for Jane's, where he was responsible for the editorial overview of all Jane's country-based military assessments. Whilst living in France, he worked as a Project Leader within the EU/NATO office of the 'Directorate for Strategic Affairs' of the French Ministry of Defence co-ordinating European and NATO military exercises. In 2001, he also gained work experience as a Research Assistant at the Assembly of the Western European Union in Paris.

Alastair has a Masters in International Relations, Conflict & Security from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris - Sciences Po, as well as a BA in European Studies from the University of London. He has dual French and British nationality.

Editor and author of several Occasional Papers for RUSI or studies on European security and defence, while working at Jane's, Alastair was the editor of the Jane's Sentinel - defence files, Jane's Defence Budgets, as well as Jane's World Armies, Jane's World Air Forces and Jane's World Navies.


Selected publications

European Defence: Breaking New Ground, Edition l'Harmattan, October 2009

Combating International Terrorism: Turkey's Added Value, RUSI Occasional Paper, October 2009

British-German Dialogue on Defence and Security Policies: Taking a Comprehensive Approach, March 2009 (PDF download)

France's NATO Reintegration: Fresh Views with the Sarkozy Presidency?, RUSI Occasional Paper, February 2009

NATO in South Eastern Europe: Reconstruction and Security in the Balkans, RUSI Occasional Paper, March 2008

Launching EU Battlegroups, RUSI Occasional Paper, December 2007

Defence Research and Development in the Atlantic Nations, RUSI Occasional Paper, 2007