Dr Katie Benson

Associate Fellow


Dr Katie Benson is Lecturer in Criminology at Lancaster University Law School, where she teaches and conducts research in the areas of money laundering and organised, white-collar and financial crime. Katie’s primary research focus is the involvement of legal professionals in the facilitation of money laundering, and the criminal justice and regulatory responses to this.

Her research monograph on this subject, Lawyers and the Proceeds of Crime: The Facilitation of Money Laundering and Its Control, was published in 2020. Katie has also been involved in research on (anti-)bribery and corruption in multinational business, domestic bribery, and the cross-border distribution of counterfeit alcohol, and she published an edited collection on Assets, Crimes and the State: Innovation in 21st Century Legal Responses (with Dr Colin King and Prof Clive Walker) in 2020.

Katie previously worked in knowledge management and intelligence analysis roles within UK law enforcement. She has worked with, or provided advisory or consultancy services to, various government bodies, law enforcement organisations, research institutions and investigations.


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