Marija Atanaskova

Project Manager, CORMS

Marija Atanaskova is an experienced project manager, who became involved in the CRP at the beginning of 2012 on the AMERIPOL-EU component and in August 2014 she became Project Manager for CORMS. With 8 years experience in project management, Marija has a deep understanding of managing as well as procedures and reporting requirements for EU external assistance projects. As part of her remit, Marija has been responsible for giving presentations and drafting research and briefing documents as well as providing commentary for different audiences. She has been an essential collaborator on different written outputs such as six-month reports, mission reports and briefings.

Marija has been working in the security sector since 2010 when she successfully worked on a global trends project for the EUISS in Paris. In the framework of the ESPAS project, Marija organised and coordinated 15 conferences and 8 youth focus group meetings over 6 months in 9 different locations with high-level EU and diplomatic representatives proving her ability to organize and coordinate events.

Fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, through her field experience in several Latin American countries Marija has created a large network of contacts that has proven extremely useful during her time with CORMS. Thanks to her communicative talent, in the last two years at CORMS she has established and consolidated working relationships fundamental for the successful development of the programme.

Her prior experience also includes research and analysis on the Balkans and EU enlargement which continue to be her interest of study from both security and human rights perspective. Marija obtained a Master's degree in International and EU studies with specialization in EU Law from the University of Valencia.