Kenneth W Allen

Associate Fellow

Kenneth Allen is a senior analyst at the CNA Corporation, where he deals primarily with Chinese military issues.

Prior to this, he was a senior associate at the Henry L. Stimson Center, executive vice president of the US-Taiwan Business Council, and served for twenty-one years in the US Air Force (1971-92), including assignments as a Chinese linguist/analyst in Taiwan, Berlin, Japan, Hawaii, and Washington DC. During this time, he was the Assistant Air Force Attaché in China from 1987-89.

Since 2003, he has been a special advisor to RUSI about its new publication Chinese Military Update. He has written several books and articles on China’s military.

He received a BA from the University of California at Davis, a BA from the University of Maryland in Asian Studies, and an MA from Boston University in International Relations.

Some of his major publications include the following:

China’s Air Force Enters the 21st Century. Book published by RAND for U.S. Air Force, 1995.

'PLAAF Modernization: An Assessment'. Article published in Crisis in the Taiwan Strait, 1997.

'PLA Air Force Logistics and Maintenance--What has Changed?'. Article published in The People’s Liberation Army in the Information Age by RAND-CAPS, 1999.

'PLA Air Force Operations and Modernization'. Article published in The PLA After Next, 2000.

China’s Foreign Military Relations. Book published by The Henry L. Stimson Center, 1999.

'The PLA Naval Aviation: Status, Relationship with the PLA Air Force, and Prospects for the Future'. Paper presented at a conference in April 2000 hosted by the Center for Naval Analysis on the PLA Navy.

Theater Missile Defense in the Asia-Pacific Region: Policy Implications for the United States. Author for this committee report published by the Henry L. Stimson Center June 2000.

'The PLA Navy’s Foreign Relations' Paper presented at the CNA Corporation’s second conference on the PLA Navy, June 2001.

'China’s Perspective on Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control'. Published in Controlling Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons: Obstacles and Opportunities, Air University Press, July 2001.

'Logistics Support for PLA Air Force Campaigns'. Paper presented at PLA Conference sponsored by U.S. Army War College and the Heritage Foundation, September 2001. Published in Andrew Scobell and Larry M. Wortzel, eds, China’s Growing Military Power: Perspectives on Security, Ballistic Missiles, and Conventional Capabilities (Carlisle, PA" US Army War College, SSI, 2002),

'Future U.S. Military Relations with Taiwan and China'. Paper presented in June 2002 at the 31st Annual Sino-American Conference in Taipei, Taiwan, hosted by the National Chengchi University Institute of International Relations.

'Introduction to the PLA’s Administrative and Operational Structure', and PLA Air Force Organization', published in James Mulvenon and Andrew Yang, eds, The People’s Liberation Army As Organization (Santa Monica, CA: RAND, October 2002).

'PLA Air Force: Lessons Learned 1949-2002', published in The Lessons of History: The Chinese People’s Liberation Army at 75 (Carlisle, PA: U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute, July 2003).

'Controlling the Airspace Over the Taiwan Strait', paper presented at a conference hosted by Oxford University in February 2004. To be published in spring 2005.

'Implementing PLA Second Artillery Doctrinal Reforms'. Co-authored paper presented in December 2002 at a joint CNA-RAND Conference on the People’s Liberation Army in Alexandria, VA. To be published in summer 2004.