Organised Crime and Policing

We are dedicated to understanding and addressing current and future organised crime and policing challenges, both in the UK and worldwide.

The Organised Crime and Policing group provides research, analysis, consultancy and evaluation services for governments, law enforcement agencies, international institutions and the private sector. We focus on facilitating dialogue between stakeholder communities, synthesising existing research evidence to inform high-level decision-making, and bridging gaps between siloed responses, so as to inform a more holistic, effective and forward-looking response.

Across the UK and globally, the damaging impact of organised crime is felt by individuals, communities, and the public and private sectors. Yet the national and global response has failed to keep pace with an evolving and technologically enabled threat. The rapidly changing environment has placed the public and private sector under unprecedented pressure to both comprehensively understand these complex issues and to respond in real time to the threat to national security. 

In parallel, the group’s policing and security research explores the challenges facing law enforcement agencies and the role of the police in the UK’s national security infrastructure. We conduct timely evidence-based research to advise law enforcement agencies on how best to take advantage of new opportunities, such as those presented by emerging technologies; how to bridge the gap between policy and practice; and how to overcome barriers to transformational change.

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Illicit Trade, Trafficking, and Illicit Financial Flows
Policing and Law Enforcement
Technology, Security and Intelligence

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