Military Sciences

We provide thought leadership on the use of military force in the 21st century, from strategic concepts to technical platforms.

The Military Sciences Research Group carries out cutting-edge research to deliver intellectual challenge and thought leadership on military and defence matters. We take a long-term perspective grounded on a rigorous historical evidence base and an examination of contemporary conflict, in order to shape defence policies.

We draw on resident expertise in the air, land, maritime, cyber and space domains and an unrivalled network of connections in conflict zones that provides real-time contemporary lessons. This enables us to combine our research with practical experience and contextual awareness. As part of this work, our staff engage with military, defence industrial and governmental stakeholders from the operational to the senior leadership level in the UK and overseas.

Military Science's 2021 agenda

The group research portfolio includes three primary lines of activity: the Martial Power programme, which forms the bedrock of our research activity, posing key questions about the utility of the military instrument today and in the future; the Profession of Arms programme, which delivers outreach on military subjects to our audience through online platforms; and the Future Norms of War programme, which provides thought leadership on how the norms and behaviours of conflict may change in the future.

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View the three core programmes that make up the Military Sciences portfolio

Martial Power Programme

Our conceptual research aims to shape and influence UK defence and security policy reviews in 2025 and beyond, primarily through the prism of military and political-military analysis.

Profession of Arms Programme

This programme provides resources for those engaged in the profession of arms, examining contemporary warfare, challenges to the orthodoxies of military doctrines, and behaviours in conflict.

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