International Security Studies

We map and analyse how emerging geopolitical conflict, competition and cooperation in strategically important regions of the globe impacts on international security.

International Security in 2021

The team focuses on the key security regions of the world: the Indo-Pacific; Sub-Saharan Africa; the Middle East and North Africa; Europe and Eurasia. Drawing on expert geopolitical understanding and local language skills, the team delivers policy-driven research and analysis on the international politics of these regions and their critical actors, alongside the domestic politics of leading states as a driver of foreign and security policy.

With the international environment becoming increasingly volatile, we have launched the International Security in Transformation initiative to examine key developments reshaping security politics around the globe, identify trends disrupting businesses and markets, and highlight opportunities for new forms of cooperation.

The initiative also explores the impact on the UK as an international actor. It identifies ways in which the UK can best manage risks and exploit opportunities in the fast-changing international context.

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