Profession of Arms Programme

This programme provides resources for those engaged in the profession of arms, examining contemporary warfare, challenges to the orthodoxies of military doctrines, and behaviours in conflict.

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Core to an ability to fight and win is understanding the choices one makes in how to fight. This is as true of one’s own forces as it is of the adversary, and the relationship between how such styles of fighting interact is adversarial and constantly changing.

This programme is designed for all levels of military knowledge. It is suitable for corporals and colonels, for petty officers and admirals, and for first-years and four-stars. Better understanding of adversaries and competitors is essential, as is knowledge of how the West fights and how it intends to do so in the future.

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Programme outputs

Access the podcast and video series produced as part of this programme.

Western Way of War Podcasts
Adversarial Studies Videos

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