Globalisation of Technology

The Globalisation of Technology project addresses cyber risk from new technologies and globalised supply chains, and looks at the intersection between technology and geopolitics.

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Western governments are coming to terms with the consequences of their communications and technology infrastructure being either owned or heavily influenced by other states. There are risks from fragmented and competing supply chains, a Chinese-dominated emerging technology marketplace alongside a competing Western model, and poor cyber risk management. As national reliance on a globalised technology marketplace increases, governments are taking steps to address the cyber security risks this poses to critical national infrastructure. This is not just a matter for technologists and cyber experts; the intersection between technology and geopolitics will define policy decisions for decades to come.

The Globalisation of Technology project disentangles the political, economic and technical factors that could inform these policy choices across various sectors. To date, the project has explored the implications for the telecommunications and energy sectors, bringing together policymakers and practitioners to grapple with risks from the globalisation of technology.

Main Image Credit Adobe Stock / Yanawut Suntornkij

Aims and objectives

The project aims to inform future policy development related to the cyber security risks posed by the globalisation of technology. In doing so, it seeks to explore the following questions:

  • What are the cyber security risks posed by globalised supply chains?
  • What are the cyber security risks of emerging technologies involved in critical national infrastructure?
  • What different approaches are relevant countries currently taking to mitigate and manage these risks?
  • How can these existing structures and processes be improved and enhanced in the coming years?
  • What measures can private sector technology providers take to help mitigate the above risks?
  • What political and economic factors may ultimately supersede technical risk-management assessments?

Project outputs

Access key publications produced as part of this project.

5G Cyber Security: A Risk-Management Approach
5G and Emerging Technology: The Politics of Diversification
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The UK’s New Way on Huawei
clock8 Minute Read
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Huawei, Not All the Way
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