Trusting Machines? Cross-sector Lessons from Healthcare and Security

A forum to discuss and debate a future where autonomous machines integrate into two of our most vital sectors

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RUSI and the UKRI TAS – Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub – present Trusting Machines? Cross-sector Lessons from Healthcare and Security

Over three days of debate, we will bring together academic experts, policy leaders, industry professionals and the public to discuss a future where autonomous machines integrate into two of our most vital sectors.

Sometimes ideas are sparked not by academic debate, but by engaging with creative and artistic expressions.

To encourage fresh voices, we will present artworks and creative provocations designed to engage and challenge both speakers and audience.


Day 1: 30 June

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    Opening Remarks

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    Creative Opening: The First

    Biotech and autonomy collide with the law when a young girl games the system.

    A short film written by Luca Viganò; directed by Ali Hossaini; performances by Joan Iyiola and Andreea Paduraru; photography byMatt Smith; original composition by Keir Vine. Coproduced by Ali Hossaini, National Gallery X and Emma De Angelis, RUSI.

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    Global Contests: Artificial Intelligence and Strategy

    • Dr Frank Hoffman, Distinguished Research Fellow, National Defense University
    • Dr Pippa Malmgren, Founder, H Robotics
    • Dr Kenneth Payne, Reader in International Relations, King’s College London
    • Professor Tony Young, National Clinical Lead for Innovation NHS England and NHS Improvement

    Chair: Paul O'Neill, Senior Research Fellow, RUSI

Day 2: 1 July

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    Dr Indra Joshi, Director of AI for NHSX

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    Create Tea Break: Climb!

    Steve Benford, Dunford Professor of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, in conversation with Dr Maria Kallionpää, composer in residence, Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University

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    Trust in Non-human Intelligence: Can Understanding lead to Confidence?

    • Dr Karen Brady, Training and Behaviour Consultant (South East), The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
    • Ardi Janjeva, Research Analyst in Organised Crime and Policing, RUSI
    • Dr Keith Dear, Director Artificial Intelligence Innovation, Defence and National Security, Fujitsu
    • Bhrmie Balaram, Head of AI Research and Ethics, NHSX AI Lab
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    Creative Lunch Break: What an AI Sees

    Ben Murray and Neus Tamerit – live performance

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    Procurement and Acquisition: Future Proofing Fast-Changing Technologies

    • Professor Trevor Taylor, RUSI
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    Creative Tea Break

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    Dr Marion Oswald

    Dr Marion Oswald,  Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Fellow in Law, University of Northumbria

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    Creative Tea Break: The Brain Controlled Movies

    Steve Benford, Dunford Professor of Computer Science, University of Nottingham in conversation with Richard Ramchurn, filmmaker

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    Governance and Regulation: Bridging the Gaps between Law and Ethics

    • Dr Sabine Hauert, Associate Professor of Swarm Engineering, University of Bristol
    • Professor Subramanian Ramamoorthy, Personal Chair of Robot Learning and Autonomy, University of Edinburgh
    • Air Vice-Marshal Tamara Jennings, Director Legal Services (RAF)

Day 3: 2 July - Workshop

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    TAS Research Workshop: Health and Social Care

    Chaired by Mat Rawsthorne, University of Nottingham, and Age Chapman, University of Southampton

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    TAS Research Workshop: Defence and Security

    Chaired by Al Banks, DSTL, and Stuart Middleton, University of Southampton

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    Lunchtime Panel: Biological Autonomy: Can Machines Come Alive?

    • Professor Luca Viganò, Vice-Dean and Head of Cybersecurity Group, King’s College London
    • Professor Ana Soto, Tufts University School of Medicine
    • Professor Carlos Sonnenschein, Tufts University School of Medicine
    • Dr Ali Hossaini, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London
    • Professor Denis Noble, University of Oxford Professor Ray Noble, UCL

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