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The world is currently in the process of undisputed climatic change.  Global temperatures are rising at a rate unforeseen in previous decades. The severity of weather conditions are escalating. Sea levels are rising and there is the potential for the devastation of food crops.  Governmental policies are increasingly focused on addressing the disparate needs to stabilize the climate yet retain increased access to energy supplies.

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The threat which climate change presents for the global population is immense and should pose key concerns to governments across the planet.  Events in New Orleans illustrated that sudden, high impact weather conditions can not only kill many hundreds of people, but can lead to mass displacement of populations with disastrous consequences.  The economic and security impacts of such events in the developing world have the potential to cause even more dramatic outcomes. A decline in fundamental resources, coupled with variations in climate threatens a nation's ability to maintain it’s economic, political and security stability. Satisfying energy demand, whilst securing supply at a reasonable social and economic cost, presents a new set of strategic challenges

This Conference signals the start of RUSI's long term commitment to research the security implications of climate change.  This inaugrual conference aims to provide a privileged forum for those concerned with these issues to come together and examine the extent, examples and causes of climate change security, with speakers from the UK and abroad. This event will act as a catalyst and help shape the future direction of RUSI's research into this critical subject.

The Conference aims to address topics including:

  • The impact that climate change will have on global security.
  • The implication of climate change for developing economies.
  • The competition for fundamental resources as a source of global conflict.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mr. John Ashton, UK Foreign Secretary's Special Representative for Climate Change.
  • Professor John Mitchell OBE FRS, Chief Scientist, Met Office.
  • Sir Crispin Tickell, Director of the Policy Foresight Programme, James Martin Institute for Science and Civilization at Oxford University.
  • Mr. James Smith, Chairman, Shell UK Limited.
  • Mr. Tony McDermott, Programme Director, Al Gore's 'The Climate Change Project', USA.
  • Professor Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies, Centre for Policy Research, India.
  • Miss. Maria McCaffery MBE, Chief Executive Officer, British Wind Energy Association.
  • Professor Paul Rogers, Professor of Peace Studies , University of Bradford.


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