Stabilisation through Conservation: Introducing a Grounded Alternative for Real World Problems

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 A female African Bush Elephant raises her trunk as a warning sign in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania Wikimedia Commons p1 December 2014, 1800

RUSI, Whitehall, SW1A 2ET

Stabilisation Through Conservation (StabilCon) is a developing approach to the stabilisation of fragile or unstable civil societies through the medium of wildlife conservation. At the same time, it is only by fully engaging with, developing and supporting the indigenous societies of troubled areas can we bring long-term safety and security to endangered species.

StabilCon is the brainchild of Ian Saunders, a founder and director of the Kenyan Tsavo Trust and the African Environmental Film Foundation. Together with Andrew Brear, a former British diplomat and soldier, and the academic engagement of the Exeter University Strategy & Security Institute, we will explain and discuss StabilCon with interested parties and stakeholders in the UK and launch a programme of academic research aimed at developing and popularising this new and fascinating concept.

The event will present the findings from discussions with key policymakers and stakeholders from UK, US and allied government departments, the security industry, and directors of international conservation and development organisations. Through these findings, our speakers will examine the relationship between wildlife conservation and the stabilisation of insecure indigenous groups, review StabilCon in practice, and outline StabilCon's potential in human security and COIN strategy.

Key speakers include:

  • The Rt. Hon. Prof. Judi Wakhungu, Kenyan Secretary of State for the Environment
  • HMG Minister (TBC)
  • Gen. Sir Paul Newton, Director of Exeter University’s Strategy and Security Institute
  • Ian Saunders, Chief Operations Officer, Tsavo Trust

This event is being funded through commercial and academic sponsorship. Presentations will be offered from the Tsavo Trust, Exeter University SSI, and major sponsors, who include specialist communication and tracking technology company Kinetic Six Limited (, US/Kenyan Aeolus Limited ( and the Sequoia Foundation ( Additional sponsors of the event include the International Fund for Animal Welfare (

Hosted by RUSI and Exeter’s SSI, the formal launch of StabilCon in UK will take place at RUSI with tea and coffee being served from 1700-1800, guest speaker presentations from 1800-1900, followed by a drinks reception 1900-2030. 

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