Military History Circle - Fascism: War Politic or the Politics of War

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Fascism is perhaps the world’s only true war politic. As a political movement and an ideology it was born out of war, revolved around war and ended in the disaster of World War Two. In this talk A R  Pickthall discusses the origins of fascism and its attitudes towards warfare, as well as asking whether the study of fascist ideology is relevant today in relation to Islamic-extremism and 21st Century military theory.

A R Pickthall graduated in 2006 with a degree (Hons) in Politics from Goldsmiths College, University of London. During the course of his study he specialized in international relations, the nation-state at war and Italian Fascism. His dissertation was an in-depth study of the origins of Fascism and its ideology. He currently intends to join the Household Cavalry in 2008.

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